About the Beekeeper - Alexandre Obnovlennyi

Alexandre Obnovlennyi has always been all about bees, starting with his studies in Moscow 30 years ago. Arriving in Canada a short time later, he set up shop in farm country near Alliston and has been collecting and selling honey ever since. Obnovlennyi collects and bottles the fresh honey himself. Each of his bee yards produces a slightly different flavour of honey, according to which wildflowers the bees are collecting nectar from.

Alexandre Obnovlennyi — the only member of the Russian Community in Ontario, a beekeeper, who is registered at Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario, Canada.


Honey must be real. My honey is collected from flowers. Bees that make honey from sugar aren’t making honey — (they’re making) a honey substitute.”


- Alexandre Obnovlennyi
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario, Canada; Certificate of Registration; Royal Bee Castle of Alexandre; Alexandre Obnovlennyi; RR1 Alliston, On, L9R1V1


Ontario Federation of Agriculture; Alexandre Obnovlennyi; RR1 Alliston, On, L9R1V1; Membership Number: 3039914

Alexandre Obnovlennyi is a writer and a president of Toronto Landowner Association. His articles can be found in local newspapers, and on this website.

THE CAPTAIN OF THE BEES movie will tell you more how Alexandre utilizes organic beekeeping practices and promotes natural family-oriented lifestyle.

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