You are welcome to taste the highest quality raw organic honey at HONEY FOR MY HONEY store.

This honey is personally processed in small batches by professional beekeeper Alexandre Obnovlennyi. It is produced only from plant nectar, artificial sugar free, absolutely not heated or pasteurized.

This honey is delicious and beneficial to your health.

Diverse wildflower terrain - Hives (made from wooden boxes containing wooden frames) are placed in various locations on and near Alexandre’s bee farm, where the bees collect pollen from a diversity of nearby wildflowers. This strategic placing of hives amongst wild plants is not only of utmost importance for the quality and taste of the final product, it is also essential for biodiversity and a healthy bee population.

No chemicals - When it’s time to extract the honey, rather than using chemicals to chase the bees out of the honey-filled frames, natural wood smoke is used to evacuate the bees out of the hives. Furthermore, Alexandre does not spray for mites. Instead, he first carefully and thoroughly cleans the hives. Then, a sticky tape is placed at the bottom of the hives, and when the hives are ‘smoked out’, any present mites drop down and fall onto the sticky tape.

No heat-treatment - No heat treatment is employed whatsoever. In many cases, organic honey which is deemed to be “unpasteurized”, still receives some degree of heat treatment. For example: conventionally, a heated knife is used to cut the honey comb off the frame. Alexandre uses a clean, sharp knife that is not heated. Also, it is common practice to apply low heat at the final stages of the honey extraction, to remove any impurities. Alexandre, however, allows impurities to naturally rise to the surface; a traditional, low-tech way to filter the honey.

Minimal Processing - To preserve the integrity of the honey, Alexandre chooses not to apply any unnatural force of speed in the honey extraction process. To extract honey from the comb, frames are inserted into a hand-driven centrifugal extractor.

Care for the Bees - The beekeeping practices employed by Alexandre are done with careful consideration of the health and well-being of the bees. Without exception, the bees are never fed sugar water, and a sufficient supply of honey is left in the comb, for bee health and survival during winter.